In Pintan Espadas they play neither the eight nor the nine; they do play the ace, from the two to the seven, the jack, the horse and the king. The Publications Department of the Diputación de Badajoz opens this space for a closed collection of ten numbers, following the suit of the Spanish deck, which includes visual and experimental works by different artists.

Designed by the poet Antonio Gómez, Pintan Espadas is a polysemous collection that jumps into the arena of the unconventional, which suggests the color of the party, the bullfighting sword as art and skill, never the sword of war and generals. The sword of the game, the playful creative, the painting and the line, the chance and the object. The visual, the representative, the word and the image are gathered in this festive series of colored colors where the artist, the sword, paints, writes, creates in the open round of his wit and, looking at the laying, ignites the criticism of the respectable.
Miguel Ángel Lama.