el doble y otros relatos


If I have seen further is because I am seated on the Giants’ shoulders, wrote Isaac Newton to Robert Hooke. The sentence is not original from Newton actually, and it could very well be a hidden invective dedicated to his interlocutor. Already on 1159 Juan de Salisbury wrote in his work Metalogicon: Bernardo de Chartres used to say that we are like dwarves on the giants shoulders. We can see more and further than them, not due to a physical distinction of ours, but because we are elevated to a larger height.

Authors like Poe, Borges, García Márquez, Cortázar or Juan Rulfo are the giants over whose shoulders a footbridge with twentyfour stories has been built. These stories presented here are stories of this and other worlds, those we try to reach from the moment we are human with questions, stories or religions in the perpetum crossing of a dead-end border. This route is intended to re-create this footbridge on a scale, and it is to be expected that readers will enjoy it as they go through the dizzying structure that battalions of hard-working and stubborn dwarves have erected based on Golden Bugs, Forking paths, Sleeping beauty’s airplanes, Face up nights, Luvinas: -What is it? -he told me; -What is what? -asked; -That, the noise; -It is silence, builders echoed in the echo, still discussing and working on the abyss.